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Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin (Doug Baldwin) revealed that the team before the game has held an internal meeting, the players and coaches meeting that the team needs to get used to the feeling, this feeling is not only physical, but also spiritual. This week, the Seahawks in 19-3 against the League of nations leader of the Arizona cardinals. It seemed that the meeting had a certain effect. Baldwin said, "we need to find something that we once lost, which has made a subtle change to us. In today's game we found that feeling again. In the game we believe every team mate and every team mate. We play for each other and we all understand that we have to pick up that feeling. " Baldwin believes that some of the core players in the team will lead the team forward. quarterback Russell Wilson (Russell Wilson) also said: "we did have such a meeting, we discussed how to reproduce the brilliance. I once felt that we were no longer us, but now, for whatever reason, I think we are back again. "The official website of NFL | Auburn cornerback Jonathan Jones 40 yards in 4.28 seconds | football Auburn University's Jonathan Jones Jonathan Jones will p cheap nfl jerseys free shipping robably refresh the 2016 pick 40 yards data. On Monday, in an unofficial calculation, he completed a 4.28 second run. this is the first time we saw so fast in the NFL training camp. training camp 3 days ago did not seem to have what passion, especially this year, the catchers have bad speed, until Jones changed our thinking on Monday morning, such data gave him a chance to challenge Chris Johnson (Chris Johnson) created in 4.24 seconds. The second official test score of Jones was 4.33 seconds, which proved that his first run was reliable. for Jones, speed advantage is very important, because he is a small corner guard, perhaps in university will not have any influence, but to NFL, he had to rely on his speed to make up for his height disadvantage.The official website of NFL |AFLC fourth round of the last round of | summary and forecast football because of the Beijing APCE conference, the fourth round of the AFLC league tournament in Beijing vs Chengdu was delayed for a week. Logically, the playoffs situation should be more clear, but now in addition to the north, other areas have to wait the last battle to have the result. fourth round summary of East Shanghai Shanghai Titan Nighthawk 12:19 Titan's battle of life and death, Titanic really broke out a great potential, and both the players and the coaches worked very hard. On the other hand, after the warriors may win goatsucker some slack, in contrast, Titan's desire to win some more. The formation of an interesting cycle, the first half of the year, the Titans win warriors, warriors win win goatsucker nighthawks, became the second half of the Titans, Nighthawk warriors, warriors, Titans win win win Titan goatsucker. Hangzhou Shanghai Osprey warrior 0:41 The warrior won't have an unexpected victory, the only lace was a woman player on the warrior. In fact, this is very delicate. If you can't go to a female player, it's definitely gender discrimination, but it's not a happy match for Hangzhou players. north area Wuxi Trident 0:56 Chongqing dock worker has been very serious since the Trident was in a great shock. The dock worker home court less than 20 people in the face of the Trident, can be said to win no pressure, but also on the position of the first north. Beijing 48:6 Chengdu ritmeester cyclone Chengdu horse home court defeated, it is impossible to see. The Beijing whirlwind was also a war of redemption. After 3 consecutive defeats, it was finally won. Beijing cyclone is good at play wind ball team, estimation can quickly regroup. South Guangzhou Apache at 0:16 the Hongkong Cobra Guangzhou Apache still needs to work hard to grow, but it seems to be losing 2 and 2 2 points. Don't know is still tough defense of Cobra mercy. The former is estimated, the cobra is not how will be lenient. Guangzhou 6:76 Hongkong of the goat was right, a few games in the south, but the score is not high, the game to break this tradition, especially powerful single brush brush. The main reason is to join 6 German players, which are said to be half professional players who have played in one team. At this level of AFLC, there is a good quarterback.Guangxi long Zhang Chunli won 2014 singles Huicheng national Bowling Championships | Bowling women's singles are also short of oil. Today, the national training team player Zhang Chunli has won the third gold medals of the national Bowling Championships, the gold medal of the women's single event for Guangxi. 2014 "Tiancheng HongRi" Cup National Bowling Championships women's singles performance venue: Shenyang Tiancheng ranking No. Acer bowling alley on behalf of the unit of G1 G2 G3 G4 G5 G6 score sharing difference 1014 Zhang Chunli 256195249174214213 Yang Suiling 130121702015 Guangxi dragon Huicheng team Guangxi dragon Huicheng team 168226199269195214 1271212-303048 solutions: 1253209-484034 223204217228202179 Anhui team Liaoning team Zhou Xuan Zhang Yuhong 1246208-555051 Anhui 195226208205189223 193211169191204258 Wu Suqin 1226204-756052 team training base in Yancheng team 199195203244166212 yellow 1219203-827057 Liqin Shenzhen team 235184238169179192 team Beijing 193226214166192192 1183197-1189045 1197200-1048002 Kunxiu Du Wu Hongyi Jiangsu The delivery of two 198190215200181194 1178196-12310041 team Sun Xiaoping Jiangsu delivery team 206202186199227157 1177196-12411009 Zhuhai 178191266158180195 1168195-13312017 beautiful Qin Mao Li Qin Xiamen suncrown team 182180202180189233 1166194-13513021 185190195194205186 1155193-14614006 Zhang Hongxia Li Ling Hubei team Sichuan team Zigong 173181198145237215 1149192-15215039 team Dalian 183208193181 〉 I-Yun

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