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The official website of NFL | before the red bench running back he Lu will be signed with the Raiders football | Oakland Raiders originally planned to expand their skills in the free market this year, but after several weeks of hard work, they failed to sign any big stars. On the first day of the free market, the team finally announced two contracts. In addition to the earlier before joining the Seattle Seahawks linebacker Malcolm Smith (Malcom Smith), the team announced in late already with former Washington Redskins running back Roy Helu (Roy Helu) signed. , according to the NFL official, said the two sides agreed on a 2 - year contract worth $4 million. During the red skin, Heru served as a substitute for most of the time, but he remained high in efficiency after playing cheap nfl jerseys free shipping . Last season, the average Nikita each contact can take 8.5 yards, his excellent ball ability make it become one of the screen short passing game running back in the League for the most. last season at the end of the season, the Raiders have said that the new season will be around the running ratta Weiss - Murray (Latavius Murray) to formulate tactics. Nikita join will provide more choices for the team. On the other hand, the Raiders still did not give up pursuing the best offensive player in the free market at present: the former Dallas cowboy run DeMarco Murray.The official website of NFL | saints cornerback Blanna to the Saint | football fans say goodbye New Orleans saints cornerback Brandon browner (Brandon Browner) Friday through Twitter and Facebook fans say goodbye to the saints. in the farewell words Bronner praised the city of New Orleans, the team, coaches, teammates and fans. according to the alliance rules, the saints can't cut Blanna off until the super bowl, but from these messages, we can see Brown's end on Saint's day. Blanna in the last offseason with the saints signed a 3 year contract for $15 million. He had been in the new England patriots for a year before. He also for the Denver Broncos (2005) and (2011-2013) played for the Seattle seahawks. if the saints cut off Brown immediately, it will take up the team's $6 million 300 thousand wage cap space. Bronner originally next season will receive $2 million 750 thousand in income and a $3 million 550 thousand bonus. If the team cuts off after the new year's year in March 9th, they can save $950 thousand in salary cap space and $2 million 250 thousand in bonuses. in the 2015 season, made 76 tackles Bronner, 10 steals and 1 pass break. After 24 fouls, he became the most puned player in the single season since 2001.The official website of NFL | Robert - Griffin III with concussion to leave | football Robert Griffin III (Robert Griffin III) left the field in the second quarter of the battle of Washington Red Leather against Detroit lions, or was injured by brain injuries and hard objects. The red skin management team has since said their quarterback will no longer play, and the quarterback Mccoy (Colt McCoy) is on the bench. Griffin's injury occurred in the second quarter of the game and lost the ball after losing the ball and fell to the ground by a defender. our 2012 offensive rookie of the game only completed 5 2 pass for 8 yards, was sacked 3 times, lost the ball 2 times, second times the ball was eventually rescued.Jonathan Stewart (Jonathan Stawart) of the Black Panther of the Carolina has been absent from 2 games. American time Monday morning, black leopard coach roo Rivera (Ron Rivera) hinted Stewart will fight against the Pirates of Tampa Bay on Sunday. Rivera's original word: "Stewart will be ready to fight this week." on Sunday, the Panthers to 13 than 20 lost to the Atlanta falcons, let them to their first defeat of the season. The team had to consider giving Stewart an early return because of the injury on the bench. this season, Stewart has finished 989 yards of the ball and took the 6.

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