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even-even soccer equipment according to Reuters reported that PUMA will replace Umbro as Serbia's national soccer team jersey provider. Serbia will be the fourth team that PUMA has sponsored in the 2018 World Cup. PUMA recently signed a new shirt sponsorship agreement with Senegal. in the upcoming 2018 World Cup in Russia, PUMA faces considerable difficulties, because before only two PUMA sponsored team into the 2018 World Cup finals, one of the most distressing is unfortunately out of the Italy team, the Azzurri out is a huge loss for PUMA. it is reported that PUMA will replace Umbro as the Serbia shirt provider. Umbro became a Serbia shirt supplier in 2014, and the trade between Serbia and Umbro was finished until the 2018 World Cup qualifiers.Drew - Bracey (Drew Brees) in this offseason to become a free agent. But the N cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ew Orleans sage quarterback, of course, felt that the playoffs for the Minnesota Vikings were the last of his saints. When was suddenly asked on Sunday that he thought he had a future in the saints, Bracey answered directly, "yes." , the future quarterback of the hall of fame, then said on twitter, "I love your saints fans. I love our team. We are doomed to be a great cause. " It sounds like he's ready to renew the saints. In an interview with on Tuesday, Bracey further clarified his attitude. "I don't want to keep it," Bracey said when he talked about his contract. "I felt it 2 days ago. I felt it 12 years ago. That's where they want me to stay as long as they need me. " Bracey will be a free player in March unless the two sides quickly reach a consensus. The saints could not give him a privileged label. Whether Bracey will be in the battle or not, he will take up $18 million in the team's salary space in 2018. If both parties sign a new contract, the number will only get bigger. In spite of the unexpected progress of , it will be a shocking thing to see Bracey joining other teams at the moment. Brisbane season did not decline significantly. Anyone who doubts his ability only needs to look at the second half of the game, and Bracey's excellent defensive team in the face of the Vikings almost completes the reversal. The best place for Bracey to end his career was the saints in the case of a number of outstanding young players in the attack group.The official website of NFL | Drew - Bracey: Newton MVP | fully deserve football Although is the partition opponent, but Drew - Bracey (Drew Brees) said recently emphasized - Newton (Cam Newton) MVP fully deserve this season. , the quarterback of the New Orleans saints, recently said in an interview: "I agree with Newton's ability. His performance is amazing. His passing ability has been greatly improved. Obviously, he is the kind of person who can help the team change the future. He can run or pass the ball himself. For me, his biggest threat is his ability in pocket. His handling in pocket is excellent. So I think this MVP should be given to him. has completed 58.6% pass success this season, pushing 3544 yards and 33 touchdown, only 10 times to be copied, quarterback score is 97, in addition to that, he can complete 626 yards holding the ball and Newton 8.NFL's official website, the dolphin signed David Faires, wo football quarterback The dolphin has recently added a quarterback to the 90 people's list. According to ESPN reported that the dolphins signed free agent David Faires (David Fales), he will be joined by Ryan Hill (Ryan Tannehill) in Tanzania, Matt Moore (Matt Moore) and Brandon (Brandon Doughty) - Dottie depth lineup consisting of. Faires is Chicago bear's six round show in 2014. He spent two years in the bear team. One year's attack coordinator is dolphin's current manager Adam Gass (Adam Gase). Faires had been in the Baltimore Raven training field for a while and last season was his first regular match, 5 in 2 and 22 yards. although dolphins show that tanning Hill has undergone surgery, the knee injury is no hinder, but it is always good to be prepared. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.

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