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The official website of NFL | Woodson after the terrible wrath: we | football the beginning of the season, the Oakland Raiders safety Charles Woodson (Charles Woodson) are full of confidence in the team this season. However, with the team losing 14-30 to Houston Dezhou, van derson was not in a mood to continue to be optimistic. In this game, the Raiders offensive group 4 times the ball over defense in Ariane - Forster (Arian Foster) before the clueless. Woo dudson said after the game: we were awful! We are ineffective and ineffective! No matter what reason, we can never stop the opponent, especially in the first half of the game. Each opponent's attack, each first attack, can be completed until the final score. We had a chance, but we couldn't hold it. In a word, we look terrible! ????????????????????????íž2??????2????????????????????????? All this is disappointing, Mr. van derson said in an interview. Before the start of the season, I said the team was getting better and better. But now I don't know what, we can't play as a whole. Many people criticized us before, and now we can only prove that they are right. We looked incapable, it was all very difficult, and I felt really embarrassed. It was only second weeks, but the Raiders were in trouble, a seemingly impossible dilemma.Is 1. Kirk Cassens (Kirk Cousins) worth a big contract for him? this season, under the leadership of Cassens, red skin has been awarded to the East. And his personal performance more dazzling, after 3 seasons of dormant cousins, ushered in the outbreak. The score of the regular season is 75.6. It's the sixteenth quarterback in the league. He has passed 23 t cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ouchdown players, passing the ball up to 114.7. Can such a performance make a big contract for the red leather to keep the quarterback who leads the team back to the competition? Will 2. Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) be (should) retire? no matter who took the fiftieth super bowl as Manning's curtain show, except himself. In an interview after the game, Manning more than once avoided the topic of retiring. This season, the former trump quarterback fell very seriously, but many teams still have a strong interest in Manning's expiry of the contract. It includes his old host, Indiana pony. The fate of Manning affects many fans, do not know whether we can see him next season and Tom Brady (Tom Brady) between the duel? 3. should the dolphins in Miami be left or cut off Cameron Vick (Cameron Wake)? last summer, dolphins introduced a huge sum of money to Ndamukong Suh, which made the dolphins under great economic pressure. Cameron Wake, a healthy Cameron, is still one of the most effective and dreadful punching hands of the alliance, although he is 34 years old. However, he was absent from most of the 2015 seasons, and Olivier Vernon (Olivier Vernon) did better. Vernon is likely to be tagging with dolphins in the summer. If we cut off the Vic dolphins, we can generate about 8 million of the salary space. What should we consider in the dolphin uniforms? 4. where is the next stop of 4. Alshon Jeffery? The question of is the two answer: the Chicago bear left Geoffrey at all costs, or he was signed by other teams. As for the first answer, the bears certainly want to leave the trump card, but they remain very quiet about the issue of contract renewal, which is very likely to push Geoffrey to other teams. Maybe the bear team wants to use the privilege tag to leave the injured star who has been seriously injured, but once he tries to water the free market, he will have great value. What is the 5. Brown show Bangyan plan? Brown got a draft pick this year, this is likely to let them go out in recent years.Handball | preparing for London Olympic Games | Jiangsu new Changjiang Group Co national marriage hand Women Handball Team | chart is: the Handball Association and the Jiangsu new Changjiang Industrial Group signed a cooperation agreement. (photography Xie Bin) Luca, December 28th, deputy director of the State Sports General Administration of Sports Management Center bangleiqiu hand song vice chairman of China Handball Association Meng Wei on behalf of the association and the Jiangsu Yangtze River Industrial Group Co. Ltd signed a cooperation agreement for a period of one year, the new Yangtze River group will serve as the team's official hand China female partner support China female hand in 2012 the London Olympic Games preparations. As one of the top ten villages in Jiangyin, the village of Changjiang River, Jiangyin, will not forget to give back to the society after good economic development and support the development of sports. After learning that the Chinese women had won the Guangzhou Asian Games champion and achieved a historic breakthrough, they asked to support the development of the Chinese women's hands. 2011 will be the key year for Chinese women's preparations. In October, the London Olympic Games Asian women's handball qualifier will be held in Jiangsu. Only the team that won the championship can get the Olympic Qualification directly. The runner up must take part in the world wide losing tournament. At the signing ceremony, Wang Xindong, the Chinese female hand coach, said he would try to do a good job in preparing for the war, strive for good results and live up to everyone's expectations. (Paul)Looking into the top 6 hockey rio! Captain: the South Korean manager takes us as a man. girls train star network news "snow lotus blossom Rio", in the Olympic Sports Center of the national team hockey training field, hanging such a banner. Women hockey is a national team series, few have their own team symbols of the collective project. In this banner, China hockey coach Zhao Mingjun's legs, leaning on a stick, standing in the middle of the field, watching his players in training. is cloudy, but Zhao Mingjun has a pair of glasses. It's hard to see where his expression and eyes are looking at through this spectacle. As the 2014 Asian Games to invite foreign teachers, Zhao Mingjun was a former coach of the Korean men's team, he is majoring in psychology, and is a doctor. is currently China women's hockey team has 21 players, Zhao Mingjun and director of the center for the leaders to do a subtraction of the 21, only 16 regulars and 2 substitutes to rio. "now the team's average age is 24 years old, their eldest is 29 years old, the youngest is 21 years old, 3 of them have participated in the 2008 Olympic Games, 6 people participated in the London Olympics, but on the whole is a branch of the old with the new team, to truly mature to be completed in 2020 when the Tokyo Olympic Games, finally go to Rio to list out before June 25th." Director Lei hand curved rod base center has been in this seat for 9 years, 9 years in this time, Chinese has maintained a level of 6 women's hockey world before, but from 2008 to 2012 the silver medal failed to qualify, the chance to increase in women's hockey. Lei Jun said, "the change of the rules of the International Federation of drama has increased the uncertainty of the game, for example, it used to be 70 minutes and 35 minutes in the first half, and there was little demand in command tactics, but now it is 60 minutes, and it is divided into four sections, 15 minutes per session. This makes the team's speed of attack and defense faster, and the requirements of strength and physical strength are more prominent. In addition, it used to be a single cycle and then the first two. And now it is divided into two groups, the first 4 out of the line, the cross, more than a return match. All this adds to the chance of the result of the game. Although the Chinese hockey world ranking is fifth, but the 1-15 result is actually very difficult to predict, also very close, such as last year we participate in Spain's World League, we are in the group phase to lose before not worried about Spain, so it is more focused on the game, every game can not relax." The evaluation of for the moment the Korean Zhao Mingjun Chinese women's disadvantage is: "young, less experience in international competition, tactical execution ability." But like a lot of South Korean coaches, his physical training is very rigorous and will control the injuries of the team, Zhao Mingjun said: "now 〉

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