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The |2015 National Youth handball Handball Championship ended in Yichun Jiangxi | hand Co the 2015 national youth men's handball championships ended in Yichun, Jiangxi. In three or four games Sichuan won third by 39:33 victory over Guangdong and fourth in Guangdong. In the final of the crown runner up, Shanghai won the championship with the 27:23 victory over Anhui, and Anhui won the runner up. The ranks of 5 to 9 are Tianjin, PLA, Beijing, Jiangsu and Shandong.The official website of NFL | Percy HARVIN 2016 season may not return | football although there are at least 3 teams want to trade Percy HARVIN (Percy Harvin) but it seems that he is not ready to participate in the 2016 season. news: after the buffalo Bill inquiry, HARVIN told us that he could not participate in the 2016 seas cheap nfl jerseys free shipping on. HARVIN is 27 years old, due to injury is expected to retire, but shortly before Bill's manager Dodge (Doug Whaley) - Wells said HARVIN tend to continue to play. Lee told us: from what I know is that he prefers to play, he is health problems in determining whether he can adapt to the competition strength of the decision, for him to do is to reach the strength training. last season, HARVIN Bill spent in, played only 5 games, finished 19 catches for 218 yards and 1 touchdowns.The official website of NFL | former Cardinals quarterback: almost every quarterback of the hands and feet | rugby ball has been gone for a few days, but the vent door has become the controversial topic that swept the whole NFL. This makes the sports media audience rate rise and the circulation is increasing. is more appealing to other quarterback's blur of the ball and foot. Brad Johnson, a quarterback who once led the pirate in the Tampa Bay to win the super bowl, admitted that he had to pay for the ball game before the thirty-seventh Super Bowl competition, though he insisted that he had not violated the rules. Brad Johnson Now, a court in occupation college never reached the level of the former Heisman winning quarterback also argued that most of the quarterback would do what on the ball. each team will be on the hands and feet before the ball, the Arizona Cardinals quarterback Matt Lennart (Matt Leinart) said on twitter. Ask any quarterback in the league. It's ridiculous! Lennart then pointed out an exception: actually, my friend Kurt Warner didn't move to the ball because he wore gloves to pass the ball, Lennart said. This once stimulated me... So correct, almost all the quarterback! is currently in Alabama Moldova the first important Bayer interview this before the draft activities (Senior Bowl) - Laosheng bowl reporter Lennart in support game ball tampering is normal this statement, he said: the old bowl here to watch the coaches look for people to think the game ball deflation is a very important thing to feel very disgusted.The official website of NFL | Kansas City chief guard Houston to return to training | Rugby line a few weeks ago, there have been reports of the Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Justin Houston (Justin Houston) will be due in twelfth weeks since he has been sidelined in the knee before the end of the regular season to return to play. but the chieftain did not completely exclude Houston's possibility of returning to the regular season. Houston began his 2016 back training after his first return to training on Friday, and the chieftain made him an undecided battle. I once said it was almost every day to take a check, and it's true now, Andy Reid, the team manager, said. He's moving very well today, and we'll see what he's doing here. Houston may not play in the final this weekend, but on Friday to return to training for him to play in the wild card playoff week meant moving in the right direction step. If the chief beat the Oakland Raiders and the Denver Broncos to the San Diego lightning, they could still win the AFC West championship, but they can not be higher than the final ranking No. three seed, so they can't be in the first round bye.

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