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In the summer of 2015, New Balance formally took over the warrior sports. They have released the first New Balance Liverpool shirt in April 10th. Meanwhile, the American brand will also provide jerseys for Storck, Celtics, Oporto and Seville. In the past few weeks, New Balance also announced their breakthrough in sponsorship of the national brand team. They have signed Costa Rica national team and Panama national team.The NFL runner Larry Johnson (Larry Johnson) was arreste cheap nfl jerseys free shipping d by the police after a dispute over the South Beach Club in Miami. Miami local prison confirmed the news that Johnson was collected at 7:33 a.m. on Tuesday morning at $7500 in bail. A Miami Beach police report said Johnson cut a man with a broken wine bottle at the Delano Hotel bar. The prison records show that he did not seek the help of a lawyer. , 34, graduated from Penn State University and played in the NFL league from 2003 to 2011. He spent the most of his heyday at the Kansas City Chiefs, who scored more than 1700 yards in 2005 and 2006. Then he played in Washington red skin and the Cincinnati tigers, and finally retired from the Miami dolphin.just before the free agent market is about to open, the Dallas Cowboys linebacker on their squad was strengthened, signed last month by the buffalo Bill team cut Casey - Rivers (Keith Rivers), which were in the last season, the poor performance of the 28 year old player and the Cowboys reached a one-year contract. Rivers is the first ninth straight runner up in 2008. He spent the first three years of his career in the Cincinnati tigers, and then cast for the two season in New York giants. Subsequently, Rivers joined the Bill team, but for a variety of reasons, Rivers in last year's 12 games only completed 16 escapement, the efficiency is extremely low. However, Rivers is more comprehensive, both the strong side or the weak side guard he can play. but the Cowboys signed to Rivers can be said to be upset, because the team last season three linebacker Justin Durant (Justin Durant), Rolando Mike Klein (Rolando McClain) and Bruce Carter (Bruce Carter) into the free agent market. They hope to get a better contract.TEAMCONFOVROhio State8-112-2Penn State7-211-2Michigan State7-210-3Michigan5-48-5Rutgers3-64-8Maryland2-74-8Indiana2-75-7TEAMCONFOVRWisconsin9-013-1Northwestern7-210-3Purdue4-57-6Iowa4-58-5Nebraska3-64-8Minnesota2-75-7Illinois0-92-10

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