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The official website of NFL | running back Baer without ligament injury may still miss the next game | football Pittsburgh Steelers running back ray viand - Baer (Le Veon Bell) got good news from the inspection results on his injured knee MRI: he was the tigers player Reggie in game play against Cincinnati tigers (Reggie Nelson) a Nielsen found no place ligament injury. The from ESPN news reporter Adam - Xie Taft (Adam Schefter), but also confirms the Steelers coach Mike Tomlin (Mike Tomlin) said before inspection: Baer did not feel lucky Steelers suffered serious injuries. but Baer's knee injury was still serious enough to leave him out of the game. Shafter's reported that Baer is very difficult to return to the playoffs game against Baltimore crow. if the Steelers had to play without Baer, this is a big blow for their playoff hopes. Baer has just made an unmatched season. After a kick-off line, he got a total of 2200 yards of advance code and never dropped the ball. This is the first player to achieve this cheap nfl jerseys free shipping achievement in NFL history.The official website of NFL | chief Jamal Charles broke the rumor to return | football spokesman of the Kansas chieftain recently mentioned the future of the team running Jamal Charles (Jamaal Charles) in the team. The runner was injured in the cruciate ligament in the fifth week of the regular season and missed the rest of the competition. was asked whether the 30 year old runner would return to the 2016 season in the 2016 season. John Dorsey Dorsey said he would be a member of the chieftain. Dorsey also said Jamal had shown a good recovery in October after a knee operation. If there were no surprises, Jamal would return to the team in September 2016. completed the 364 yard ball and 4 touchdown before Jamal was injured. He also completed 21 passes and promoted 177 yards and fifth touches. Before his injury, he ranked fifth in the data rank, which is also a second injury of his career.In the course of New Balance building his own kingdom in the football world, we can clearly see that high performance is no less important than fashion design. Costa Rica will be the first national team to compete in the modern football game in the New Balance robe.Nick Colin Capet has 3 consecutive games in pre-season refused to stand up when the national anthem, and Steve told the NFL Wichita, said he was such a decision, because feel the current American Society of African Americans and other ethnic minorities is still very unfair. In response to Capet Nick's move, the 49 member team of San Francisco issued the following statement: "playing the national anthem has always been a special ceremony before the competition. Every time the national anthem is played, it commemorates our motherland and thanks for the freedom it provides for every of our citizens. And out of the belief in freedom of belief and freedom of speech in the United States, we recognize the right of each individual to choose to participate in or not participate in the ritual of our national anthem. " for Capet Nick's series of comments, a lot of NFL players, coaches have also made a different response. Brown's Hall of fame player, the older generation of NFL activist Jim Brown shared his view: "I heard every sentence of Capet Nick, he said exactly. I stood with him 100%. But if you ask me, will you do the same? I can only say no, because there are some different things in it. I am an American citizen. I pay taxes and claim equal rights, but this is my country after all, and I don't want ISIS to take any loopholes or anyone else to take away what we have achieved. Jim - Brown, when he joined the NFL in 1957, had also fought for the equal rights of a few African American players. "We've been fighting for a long time," Brown said. "So now young players can earn their money. Let's see, now 80% players in the league are African Americans." , "now young people have stepped forward. They are striving for human freedom, equality and justice. They have been well educated, and they also know how to win their interests with their knowledge. So, 50 years later, a young man suddenly came up and said something that we took for granted. It felt like it was back to the past. although professional athletes are not willing to speak loudly in public in recent years, Brown believes there are signs that they will be more and more willing to express their positions and aspirations, and dare to face the boycott of the masses. "this is absolute, I think Pandora's box has been opened. I'm glad to see this. "Brown added," over the years, the black players of many generations have been known to earn more money and do nothing, and brokers will constantly remind them to make a good boy at all times to earn astronomical dollars. In the role of money, the formation of such a culture, let the players do not want to express their ideas openly. , compared to Colin - Capet Nick's former teacher, and the first 49 coach, University of Michigan coach Jim Harbert's reaction to the matter, is much more interesting. On Monday at their regular press conference, Harbert commented on the matter: 〉

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