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game, the two teams in the cold wind are slowly entering the state. Home court battle giants attack first, they by quarterback Eli Manning (Eli Manning) to the proximal front will Thailand (Will Tye) for 12 yards, scored the first attack, but soon had to punt. With the continuous three teams out, the Cowboys got the ball, and the half faced four stalls 1 yards. The rookie guard Eze keel - Elliot (Ezekiel Elliott) uses a variable direction to flush the ball into four gear. Enter the giant half, quarterback Prescott's four (Dak Prescott) run fake pass, pass to find the unmarked receiver Terrence Williams (Terrance Williams) completed a 31 yard touchdown, cowboy 7:0 opener. giants quarterback Eli Manning for short. Odell - Beckham (Odell Beckham Jr.) with short run 19 yards, helping the team into the second half cowboy. In the red zone, Eli Manning was cowboy linebacker Sean Lee (Sean Lee) captured and killed and dropped the ball, cowboys defensive tackle Cedric Thornton (Cedric Thornton) to pick up the ball. This mistake Eli Manning did not lead to the giants lost. The game has just entered the second quarter, and the passing of Prescott is copied by the corner guard Norris Jenkins (Janoris Jenkins) on the half court 39 yards. Then the giants used the opponent's Roughing the Passer for a foul to advance 15 yards, but had to kick the kick in th cheap nfl jerseys free shipping e free kick. Since then, the cowboy also had to play in the half of the game. The giant ball in the middle, Eli Manning Benson - Mayowa (Benson Mayowa) captured and killed, the pick up ball is Sean lee. It was the second time Manning lost the ball in this game. second has been more than half, Mike Prescott was German - Kennard (Devon Kennard) in the giant half sacks and dropped the ball, but the ball is picked up right tackle Doug Freeh (Doug Free), but they have been launched free kick range. After that, the two sides abandoned each other again. Before the end of the first half, Cowboys wide receiver Cole Beasley (Cole Beasley) the ball 13 yards, Terrence Williams ball 18 yards, the final kicker Dan Bailey (Dan Bailey) 55 yard free kick hit the post, the two teams took a 7:0 lead into the second half. The two teams in the second half of were still in bad condition. A two consecutive three out. Then the cowboy abandoned the kick again, and Odell - Beckham took up the attack and nearly dropped the ball. Then the giants with a series of short advance giants rookie outside took over the Stryn Shepard (Sterling Shepard) the ball 14 yards, kicker Robbie Gould (Robbie Gould).The near front should be the most powerful and technologically comprehensive player in the offensive team. He can not only serve as offensive frontline, but also a good player and excellent catcher. station The near end front of generally stands on the outside of the cutting front, and most of the attacking formations have only one near end front, while the side of the near end front is called the "strong side". According to the tactical needs, he can choose to stand like an outside hand and keep a low posture like an attack front. executes The proximal front can be used as additional line in the block, passing like tackle the same step and to ensure their own in the opposite defensive player and quarterback between the ball to run forward, put on the opposite side of the defender away, to keep him away from the offensive player. When is a catcher, the near - end front will run on its own route like an external relay and take the ball forward. technique blocked the proximal wing tips and tackle almost the same, but due to proximal front is legitimate receiver, the defense will take initiative to mark. The stability of the ability to catch the ball in is very important. The proximal tall front to create a huge physical advantage for it, he can easily in the defender head gets the ball, and received the ball after proximal front is not easily captured hold, sometimes even more than three people to complete his defense.recently, NFL official sent a manuscript to all team's medical team and training team, elaborated all aspects of the Ebola virus, reminded all teams to pay attention to the health of personnel and avoid infection of virus. Alliance spokesman said the manuscript was co authored by Duke infectious disease control center staff and alliance infectious disease consultant. It was sent to all 32 teams on Wednesday. in the manuscript, the two doctors all stressed that for teams who played in the Ebola epidemic area, there was no need to panic, not to prevent players from contacting with suspicious persons. But it also says that players have to report to the medical department of the team once they think they are in contact with a virus carrier. The two doctors said in an interview: "the main purpose of our manuscript is to explain the Ebola virus scientifically, and explain some common problems to the players." just this week, another Dallas nurse was infected with the Ebola virus. He had taken a flight to the Midwest on the day before the quarantine. It also once again caused panic among the whole nation. This weekend, the New York giants will be traveling to Dallas to challenge the cowboys. The team has sent detailed information about the event to the players, but the giants are not too nervous. giants quarterback Eli Manning (Eli Manning) said he did not worry about this problem, he is very confident of travel and the safety of the resident and the team. Accordingly, Jason Garrett, a cowboy coach, also said he had not discussed the problem of Ebola epidemic with his players during the interview. He didn't think that these events had any impact on the players.The official website of NFL | Jaguars tight end Thomas or finger surgery | football Jacksonville Jaguar near end front Julius - Thomas (Julius Thomas) or will be absent for longer for injury. General manager Dave Caldwell (Dave Caldwell) said in an interview that Thomas may need to operate on his fingers, which will lead him absent for 5 weeks. Thomas and the team will make a decision by Tuesday local time. Caldwell said that if he did not accept the operation, he was half as likely to catch up with the first week of the game. If an operation is chosen, he will be absent for at least fourth weeks. American tiger at week fourth against the Indianapolis team pony, Thomas hope to catch up with the game. was injured by Thomas's left hand during the first week of the pre - season match, and the team subsequently announced that he would be absent from the pre - season. At present, Thomas's injury may be more serious than expected. This offseason, Jaguar and Thomas had a 5 year, $46 million contract agreement. The team looked forward to Thomas's strong performance in Denver's wild horse to Jacksonville.

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