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The latitude and longitude of the court is separated by a red diamond figure. It represents the original boundary of the Columbia special administrative region specified in the Residence Act issued in 1790. The original territory of the SAR, including some parts of Virginia and Alexandria (Alexandria), still has great influence on the identity of these areas. Belowback in December last year, there was news broke, the Washington Redskins wide receiver DeShawn Jackson (DeSean Jackson) to his old team return is Philadelphia eagles in the off-season as a free agent. is gone for months now. Although Jackson has the chance to leave, it seems that red leather is his first choice. Jackson interviewed in the US on Thursday said, "obviously, I still want to stay here. My house and my house and everything I have are here. I don't want to move the whole thing away. First of all I want to be here, and I want to work here. But all of this is business, and NFL can happen. I'm just looking forward to cheap nfl jerseys free shipping the opportunity. Now the opportunity is on my hands. Now, I will let my broker pay more attention to these things, waiting for the best signing, but it's still the phrase I want to stay here. ?????쨹???????????????????????????????????56?|??????1005???????|??????17.9??|????????????????????????????????????????30????????????????????????????|?????? but for the current red skin, it is the first to renew his quarterback Kirk Cousins (Kirk Cousins), then Jackson.Du Fu has a poem, "shoot first shoot horses, qinzeixianqinwang." That is thirty-six of the Rio Lobo plan, which is to destroy the enemy forces, to the overall strength of the collapse of the enemy. This may be the simplest and rude of the thirty-six, but one of the most demanding. In football, so is the heart of the problem, if the implementation of the place, completely curb the main threat to the opponent, the opponent's overall strength almost collapse. is the most typical double is the heart of the problem. NFL's star players are often different from ordinary people (or NFL players) in terms of physical quality and skill level. If they send only one regular player to counterpart, they will be hard to eat again and again. This is the time for double player to play a role. For example, Megatron treatment: is not only the offense "King" players will enjoy the treatment of double bags, defending "King" players, such as JJ Watt, also often encounter double bag clips: in addition to the catcher and rushed from hand double, if a team is the ace elite running back, then he will meet a great probability of a front 8 (8 men in the defense box), to know that in the new century pass is prevalent, front 6 Nickel defensive front 5 Dime the defense is almost ready and 7 traditional defensive front Base have equal shares. But if there is one opposite like the 11 and 12 season Andrian Peterson elite running back with this level of four Ponder (read song, fourth) point guard, opposite the defense will always put a front 8 to capture the king, data show that the 11 and 12 season, Peterson faced 35.5% and 29.9% respectively. The front 8 defense, while the league average data is only 23%. is also the 11 and 12 season, contrary to Pound Peterson combination of the Vikings, in their next door, there is a team called the Green Bay Packers, is a passer-by - Rodgers combination. Rodgers does not have to say that his position in the quarterback is equivalent to Peterson's position in the running guard. Take the 12 season as an example, the packers started 5 running guards, and there was no 1.5 guards in the second half of a match, so we had to make the Kuhn and Cobb take turns in running. The 11 season of the Emirates team provides textbook solutions to deal with the 11 and 12 season, the packers team, put 4 people rushed to pass from the quarterback (usually four physical type), then put the 7 air defense, while 2 people in deep cover 2 lock keep far-reaching threat (Deep line Threat) - means: don't give you a pass. You have a run! This kind of method can effectively eliminate the threat to Rodgers's pass, the heart of the problem, the team after several years, the tigers, Bill and the giant to follow this trick, get a good effect. thought in football can be the heart of the problem.The official website of NFL | Newton: I will continue my | football touchdown celebration on Sunday, the four Carolina Panthers quarterback cam - Newton (Cam Newton) touchdown dance to celebrate Tennessee Titans defensive player sparked discontent, but when this Wednesday when asked whether to continue the Newton touchdown celebration that will stick after touchdown celebration dance. Newton told me in an interview with ESPN reporter: "I am very happy to do this." I remember when I was in high school, I liked it. My opponents also liked to celebrate this way for me. People like people to watch their own celebrations, they do it and I do it, which makes me happy. obviously Newton's dancers will be unstoppable.

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