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The official website of NFL | saints all star season | Rugby tour Wei bird this season to play the New Orleans saints defensive group bad suffered another hit, all star safetys Geru, Bird (Jairus Byrd) was seriously injured in training, the season. Saints coach Sean Payton (Sean Payton) confirmed that Bird had been put on the Injury list of injuries, which was the season's reimbursement, due to the tear of the lateral meniscus ligament. Bird's data for this season is 22 grappling, 1 balls and 2 passes. Because of the off-season back surgery Byrd play down, he had the Bill team had 3 selected occupation bowl, since 2009 the highest number of steals safetys. The saints out of 6 years to him in 54 million, including 26 million 300 thousand of the guarantee contract, from the free agent market won the ball players at manufacturing conversion. backup cheap nfl jerseys free shipping safety Rafael Bush (Rafael Bush) will become the first choice. The saints Defense League fourth points last season, but again this year in the data on the League downstream, which make the opponent 67 times to complete a 10 yards above, ranking last in the league in second. Bird's absence is a frost.The official website of NFL | Dezhou general manager Klauni: looking forward to make great contribution to | Rugby last season as the top show, Houston Dezhou people rushed from Judd (Jadeveon Clowney) - viand clowney had a disappointing rookie season. Klauni was troubled by injuries and decided to undergo a knee operation after a long absence and eventually reimbursed the season ahead of the season. earlier this month, Klauni said he had a very good recovery from his injuries, and he was encouraged by the situation. Rick Smith, the general manager of Dezhou, is also optimistic about Klauni's future. In the local time in an interview Tuesday, said Smith clowney will return to the greatest wealth is the team new season. Smith said: my offseason has made me feel very excited, what one sees and hears. He did a good job, and all the reports I got were positive, and we looked forward to his great contribution. Dezhou people believe Klauni can return to the stage in the first week of the season. Fans are also looking forward to see what a perfectly healthy Klauni can do with J.J. J.J. (Watt).The official website of NFL | Bennett has hinted that he will never appear in | football training camp Since last year, missed the super bowl, Bennett seems to be a defensive end Michael - Seattle Seahawks (Michael Bennett) and the media reporters closer. had previously said he wanted a 4 - year contract for $28 million 500 thousand, so he chose a voluntary training camp that did not take part in the rest of the season. He also hinted that he wanted to be the seventh highest income person in the position. said to reporters in Hawaii last weekend, "I don't think I will play basketball now, because my contract problem is what my broker needs to talk with the team. I hope there will be good news coming. When Bennett was obviously happy when waiting for the contract in Hawaii, the Seahawks does not seem to be easy, because they still need to solve the Werwilson - Russell (Russell Wilson) of the contract. So, Bennett still needs to wait a lot of time to live blood.The official website of NFL | Bracey return to training for the weekend is still in doubt | football New Orleans saints' four - point guard Drew - Bracey (Drew Brees) has been re - involved in passing training, but it is still unsure whether it will come out this week. Coach Sean Payton (Sean Payton) said: "he can pass the ball every day now. It feels good." Bracey added: "I will look at the shoulder situation in the next couple of days, but I will control the workload every day. After 's training on Wednesday local time, Bracey plans to continue training for the next few days. This week the saints against the Dallas cowboys, can play on the next few days the recovery will make the final decision. In last week's match, the substitutes for the quarterback Luke McKoen (Luck McCown) finished the 38 pass 31 times, advancing 310 yards. At , the saints have lost 3 consecutive seasons, and Bracey, 36, is still the core of the team's offensive. The saints, who are in urgent need of a victory, naturally hope that Bracey can return as soon as possible.

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