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New Jersey to retain the club Schalke 04 classic royal blue, and from the bottom of the deep blue of the iconic Adidas talent shows itself, winning three fringe first did not appear on the sleeve, striking white three stripes appear on the sides of the body, bring take on an altogether new aspect of visual perception. The dark V collar inlaid with royal blue and white rear block, both sides are engraved with Schalke 04 collar club's famous slogan, "Wir leben dich. (we rely on you to live)".a few weeks ago, people still criticized the offensive group at the beginning of the season and the new England patriots like Tom Brady struggling (Tom Brady) is already coming to the end of the occupation career, Brady finally came back, this week he is one of the two best quarterback in the league. 's passing rate in the past two weeks was 69.4%, holding 653 yards and 6, not being copied. In this Thursday night match, the Patriots were at home to the New York jet flee cheap nfl jerseys free shipping t. Brady was 18 - 6 in the face of the jet fleet, with a 3 - 1 copy rate. Jet pilot Rex Ruian (Rex Ryan) was asked how to defend Brady in an interview. The new England media asked him if he would consider the way to attack the quarterback in every file. His answer is not a nonsense. saw an interesting interview with Rex's mother, a woman to marry in the league history one of the most outstanding defensive coordinator, and gave birth to the two best defensive coach. But suppose, whether she will recognize each file is the impact of Brady? Although this is a bad idea, but she said, Brady this season in the face of a shock is not ideal. According to PFF data, the Brady pass rate of 40.7% ranks twenty-fourth in the League under pressure (fairness, external factors such as his sell deducted over the completion rate rose to 55.8%, ranking twentieth). Under pressure, passing the ball accounted for 30.2% of his pass, but it was interesting that he had 2 out of the press but had not been copied. Last season, Brady of the data is almost 57.6%, ranked twentieth. At the same time, in contrast to his non pressure passing rate, the difference between the two is 28 in the league. It means that in the past two years, his pressure has not been ideal. so, although we do not need to identify the impact of each file quarterback mother Ryan's idea, but a large number may impact the use of Brady has good effect. Unless the Brady back in 2011 Thursday night game of the moment.The official website of NFL | Gelon kousky confirmed to participate in the Patriot Mini camp but not | football training the new England patriots tight end rob Gelon '(Rob Gronkowski) on Saturday confirmed the mandatory Mini camp he attended last week's report, but did not explicitly disclose why he did not participate in training. , I am doing something else, doing what the coach wants me to do, so we are all very good. We are all on the same track. open to the media in May 26th the Patriots team training organizations' voluntary Gelon do not play training. previously informed sources revealed to ESPN that Marcus Kowski stayed in Gillette stadium, behind the scenes training, the team is careful for a being that does not become a long-term risk small injury. on Saturday, when asked if he was going to be ready to attend a training camp in the late July, he said, oh, yes. when asked whether he had taken part in spring training for reasons of preventive measures, he said, "I am there, but I am doing something else according to the coach's request, which is very good. I'm fine Gelon 'in the 2012 season and 2013 season were injured forearm and knee injuries in recent years, the Patriots often let him not to participate in training. In the past two seasons, Gelon 'only missing two games due to injury.The official website of NFL | Claude: we have the best catcher | football team Washington red skin Jamieson Claude (Jamison Crowder) finished 59 times in his rookie season, pushing 604 yards. The ball after continued to promote the known ability of young players have potential in the future growth of exon two is over. In the draft, the Redskins first selected wide receiver Josh dockson (Josh Doctson). In this regard, Claude is confident that red skin has the best line-up in the league. Claude said: I think so, we are the best in the league. We have DeShawn Jackson (DeSean Jackson), Pierre pine (Pierre Garcon), and Jordan - Reed (Jordan Reed). We also added Vernon Davies (Vernon Davis), and Niels Paul (Niles Paul) and me, so I feel our catching line is full of talent. We work hard every day, keep in sync with the quarterback, and prove our talent on the field. this offseason, the Redskins quarterback for Kirk Cousins - (Kirk Cousins) with privilege tags, which can be expected in the case of sufficient weapons to lead the team to further.

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