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The official website of Dezhou | boss NFL: we have everything you want | football has a saying that everything in Texas is bigger than other places. This season's Houston Dezhou people's transactions prove this to us. recently Dezhou boss Bob (Bob McNair) on McConnell look forward to the new season and reporters do share: this offseason all come to us, we got what we want free players and draft players, they are doing well. this offseason Dezhou is perhaps the biggest gain in 4 years $72 million signing Bullock Oswald (Brock Osweiler) and Wheeler - Miller Lamar ran Wei (Lamar Miller). in the draft Dezhou got wide recei cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ver Will Fuller (Will Fuller) and Braxton Miller (Braxton Miller), Nick Martin (Nick Martin Center), Fuller and Miller can be a good substitute de Andre - Hopki (DeAndre Hopkins), to provide continued support to attack. and the team's defensive team did not change much, still maintain the configuration of the League third last season. Team general manager Ricky - Smith (Rick Smith) said: when it comes to buy players, we do a great job this offseason, these young people have a lot of veteran can lead them, as long as they work hard to learn to shut up, they can accomplish. Dezhou last season has been four people elected to make, but they still made the playoffs this season at least starting quarterback has been basically established.The official website of NFL | en Su - Damm hole in Nike headquarters to Miami | humidity football Damm hole Su (Ndamukong Suh) may be very strong in the first season of the Miami dolphin. according to FOX sports reports, Sue is currently using a new way to help itself adapt to the humidity of Miami. was unable to finish all the rest season training in Miami for personal and commercial reasons, and he finished the training adjustments in Portland. But the climate gap between the two places was large, so Nike prepared a special elite secret training room for him to help him adapt to the humidity of Miami. The new technology at Nike's Portland headquarters can be adjusted in the training room based on the weather in Miami. The executive director of dolphin commented: "Su is not only a different amount of food, but also has a different form of commitment to his commitment to complete the training of off-season. let us look forward to the 320 - pound, $100 million player's performance in the new season.In Europe and all over the world, the women's Football League is rising. Now the men's and women's team also enjoy his team from Olympia to Manchester City to Florence. They all have world-class spectator fans. The team was founded in 2015, in just two seasons, after 2 to 0 victory over the Udine team, boarded the scudetto. Although the foundation is relatively weak, but that is the environment created a top European team. This photo Help | Press | Advertise on | Sales Media Kit | Interest-Based Ads | Corrections | Contact Us | Site Map | Jobs at ESPN 2018 ESPN Internet Ventures. Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Your California Privacy Rights, Children's Online Privacy Policy and Interest-Based Ads are applicable to you. All rights reserved.

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